Ford produces only 1350 copies of the "GT" sports superhero

Today's Arabs - Ford produces only 1350 copies of the super-sports "GT"

I decided Ford Company The United States, extended the production of the GT sports car for another two years in order to meet the huge demand for it, which amounted to 1: 6 increase in production volume.

According to the Middle East newspaper, the company said that it will open the door for booking the car for an additional month starting from the 8th of November.

The company celebrates a special category of the GT sports anniversary of the half-century of production of the car "GT40" produced in 1968 and won the Le Mans race to end in 1969.

The company will produce a total of 1350 copies of the model, and the company will allocate a website to reserve the new batch of the car with the appointment of "Concierge" to help customers to choose the equipment they want in the car.

The car is powered by a 3.5-liter Ecobost engine with a double-decker and six-cylinder engine with a top speed of 350 km / h.
The supercar will be able to cut a distance of 30 kilometers with one gallon of fuel, and the company said that increased production will not affect the scarcity of the car and uniqueness.


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