"Ford" calls for 1.5 million cars due to defects in the gasoline index

The Arabs today - Ford calls for 1.5 million cars due to defects in the gasoline index

The company "Ford MotorThe second largest automaker in the United States, plans to recall 1.5 million cars due to a faulty valve in the fuel system, which could cause the fuel gauge in the tank to function incorrectly.

Defective vehicles were sold in North America and have a filter valve, which could remain open, increasing the vacuum in the fuel system, leading to a misleading reading of the fuel indicator, Ford said in a statement.

"As a result, the driver may read the fuel indicator incorrectly, causing the fuel to run out suddenly," the Ford said in a press release. "The car stopped, which could increase the likelihood of collisions, noting that it did not receive any Notifications of such incidents as a result of the problem.

The calling process includes "Ford Focus"With a capacity of two liters capacity produced during the period from 2012 to 2018. More than 1.2 million of these vehicles have been sold in the United States, while the remaining amount has been sold in Canada and Mexico.

The problem can be remedied by reprogramming the engine control model by adding a new computer program that can monitor the defective valve to be replaced and replace any other parts if necessary.


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