"For iPhone XR" is launched in the Arab markets with new and unique features

Arabs Today - "iPhone XR" starts to launch in the Arab markets with new and unique features

Began Friday, the launch of the latest phone versions of "Camel"For the year 2018 in the Arab region, and the device is named" iPhone XR ", and comes more than a month after the launch of the phones" for iPhone Xs "and" iPhone Xs Max "Iphone XR "is widely recognized as the cheapest version of Apple products launched this year.

The price of the iPhone XR in the UAE starts at AED 3179 ($ 865.47) for a 64-gigabyte (GB), compared to the iPhone 4S, which starts at AED 4229 and the iPhone Xs Max, which starts at AED 4649. The price of the "iPhone XR" 128-gigabyte price is 3389 UAE dirhams, while the price of the phone with a capacity of 256 GB to 3809 dirhams.

Modern advantages

According to the information, the new phone "XR" will contain many of the new technology features, including the 6.1-inch Retinia liquid screen, which will cover the device from edge to edge. In addition, the device will come with wireless charging technology, enhanced with the new A12 Bionic processor, similar to the Xs and Xs Max, which beats all Android devices in speed tests.

This is known as hexagonal cores, two of which increase the speed of at least 15 percent, while the other four cores increase efficiency and speed and thus reduce energy consumption by 50 percent, which means that the battery life is longer. Although the device contains a single 12 megapixel camera on the back of the device, it includes all the additional capabilities such as depth-enhancing effects in images.

The depth control feature allows the user to adjust the depth of the image during capture and after capture, according to Macworld. The camera also supports the lens angle control, and comes with an all-new sensor, which helps auto focus more quickly. Another feature of the device is facial recognition to open the device by looking at the screen, and it is designed to resist water.

The key difference between iPhone XR and iPhone Xs is the quality of the screen. The latter comes with a Super OLED screen with a screen resolution better than that offered by the liquid Retina screen.

The iPhone XR is also characterized by a plethora of colors including blue, yellow, red and coral, plus white and black, while the Xs and Xs Max come in silver, gray and gold only.


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