Foods that help avoid stomach fat!

Foods that help avoid stomach fat!

Several studies have confirmed the risk of fat accumulation in the abdomen, which is difficult to get rid of only a healthy diet.

But dietary expert Terry Anne Nans said the reduction in abdominal fat may be possible without having to do some exercise, and that it is about changing what we eat.

Ann Nans revealed the list of foods that should always be avoided if you want to overcome abdominal fat:

1- processed meat:

The processed meat can be replaced with oily fish. While saturated fat causes bloating, omega-3 foods contain unsaturated fats that may help in weight loss.

2 – potato chips:

If you want to make healthy changes to your diet, you should control your snacks.

The nutritionist recommends avoiding foods such as fries and other salty foods, saying that these foods are not packed with salt that may increase bloating, but they are rich in unhealthy levels of harmful fats, which means that such snacks should be avoided if you wish. In weight loss.

3- Soft drinks:

The results of several studies have linked the consumption of these drinks to the accumulation of high fat in the waist. Ann Annes recommends changing soda water with lemon-flavored water or Mint or other.

4. Alcohol:

The British National Health Service confirmed that drinking a certain amount of beer a day could add up to 44,200 kcal for the body throughout the year, equivalent to eating 221 donut, leading to excess weight.

The nutritionist recommends reducing alcohol consumption, which can also increase appetite, making you more susceptible to unhealthy high-calorie foods.

5. Cakes and biscuits:

The processed food tends to be filled with salt, sugar and fat. Baked goods are usually the best examples of such products, so it is advisable to treat them moderately.

"Unsaturated fats in processed foods such as cakes and biscuits can lead to inflammation," Ann Nans said. "Many studies have linked them to obesity."

Source: Daily Star


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