Food and drinks help your children focus on studying

Today's Arabs - Food and drinks help your children focus on learning

The mother always tries her best to support her children during the period of study and exams, starting from providing the atmosphere associated with the study and attention to get a sufficient amount of sleep and follow them during the study and preparation of food and drinks to them and attention to detail details of the study and examinations in this period.

As you mentioned, one of the ways to support your children is to take care of their healthy nutrition during the examination period, by paying attention to the quality of the foods and drinks that your children eat during this period where there is a range of foods and beverages that help to focus and collect.

First Foods:
1- Meat and its derivatives
o The body needs meat, especially red meat, because it contains the food needed to improve memory.
o Bovine liver and chicken liver, containing antioxidants, vitamins A, E and B as well as iron and zinc.
o Eggs contain antioxidants and egg yolk contains a large amount of vitamin (12b) folic acid and iron and zinc minerals.
o Two dairy products and their derivatives which also contain vitamin B12 as well as containing calcium.
o Fish such as salmon, mackerel and tuna are preferred for shrimp and crab, where these foods contain vitamin E, zinc, iodine and phosphorus minerals and supply omega-3 fatty acids.

2- Vegetables
It is known that vegetables, whether raw or cooked, rich in vitamins and minerals, which is the basis of balanced food and there are a number of vegetables that help your children to focus and develop their mental abilities, including:
o Cabbage which increases concentration.
o Green Molochia is known to increase concentration and improve memory.
o broccoli where it contains vitamin K and promote cognitive functions and improve mental abilities.
o Spinach contains antioxidants, vitamin B6 and folic acid.
o Onion, which is useful when the study as it is under the pressure of mind and organic long for a long time and garlic that contains antioxidants.
o Carrot strengthens memory because it activates photosynthesis.
o Lemon increases the person's energy and thus increases the absorption of vitamin C.
o Tomatoes which also contain vitamin C.

3. Cereals and nuts
Cereals and nuts strengthen nerves and increase attention.
o Lentils and beans for containing selenium, antioxidant, folic acid and iron.
o Eye of camel, almond, peanut and pea, where it contains vitamin E and vitamin C, a component of the acetylcholine stimulating memory and has the ability to reduce Alzheimer's, because it contains anti-oxidants.
o Wheat and whole grains contain vitamin E, antioxidant and vitamin B12.
o Flaxseed because it is one of the richest food sources in omega-3.

4- Spices used in making food
Some spices have benefits related to improving attention and absorption. I will remind you to add them to food such as beans, meat, poultry, cheese, salads and other foods that need to be added to spices and some can be added to water and tea.
Ginger, which is known to help the brain to work well.
o Cumin helps the nervous system to pay attention and concentration and thus good achievement.
o Rosemary helps improve memory and facilitates the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain.
5. Fruits:
o Pineapple where it contains the necessary vitamin C when keeping the subjects as it contains manganese.
o Watermelon for containing vitamin C and vitamin B12.
o Strawberries and bananas, which contain vitamin C, vitamin B6 and potassium.
Avocado is a useful fruit for memory and helps to speed conservation.

Second Drinks:
Always use fresh fruit to make drinks for your children or use natural herbs to make warm drinks and avoid drinks containing caffeine or stimulants such as soft drinks and coffee because they cause insomnia and sluggishness in the long term.
You can make the following beverages:
o Bananas can be added to his milk.
o Strawberry.
o Lemon.
o Anise.
o Ginger.
o Tomatoes.
It is known that sugars are important to provide the body energy and improve the absorption and improve mental processes, but not in the use of the use of the habit where it leads to the return of the body to withdraw energy from them.

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