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Fix a problem This application can not be opened in Windows 10

Fix a problem This application can not be opened in Windows 10

The site is annotated dear, usually installed applications from the store Store Windows 10 is open and works without any problems, but sometimes, you may get an error message “Can not open this application. Check the Windows Store for more information about the application” while trying to open an application.

This is the message that appears to some Windows 10 users while trying to open an application, the following error message appears and the application does not work This App Can not Open. Check Windows Store For More Info , This application can not be opened. Check out the Windows Store for more information about the application, and the user will be shocked by this message, so here’s the way to fix it.

As you can see in the picture below, you got the error while trying to open the installed Windows Live Writer application from the Store, and the app refused to open it. If you also get the same error for an installed application from the Store, you can fix the error and open the application by following the solution below.

Step 1: When you get the error message “This app can not be opened,” click the See in Store link to open the official App Store page.

Step 2: The App Store page will display the Launch and Reinstall buttons, just click the Reinstall button to automatically reinstall the application without deleting the data stored in it.

Once the app is reinstalled, click the Open button or use the Start menu to launch the application, and the application should now open without the error.

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