Five daily habits to enjoy a wonderful intimate relationship with your husband

Five daily habits to enjoy a wonderful intimate relationship with your husband

Do you want to have a great intimate relationship with your husband? There are 5 daily habits you should follow and exercise yourself and your body on them, to get a different intimate relationship and renewed each time, making it like the first time.

Learn about 5 habits that delight you in their intimate relationship:
1 – Choose the appearance of female and Langeri suitable for the nature of your body, highlighting your beauty and femininity and increase your confidence in yourself, and add more excitement to intimate relationship, and to ask your husband what he likes and wants you to wear and surprise each time.

2. Identify the best way to talk to your husband about your sexual needs, your feelings, what you want in bed, intimacy that is supposed to be fun for both of you equally, talking to your husband in a proper way and directing him to your pet and raising you directly and indirectly will make intimate time Sexy and fun for both parties.

3 – Kegel exercises, these exercises help to strengthen your pelvic muscles, and thus help you to reach orgasm faster and more, in addition to enjoy the relationship more intimate than before, as if you are a new bride, helping to narrow the vagina, especially after pregnancy and childbirth.

4. Each time, try all the unusual and exciting situations with your husband, do not hesitate to try crazy and unconventional things, put candles and perfumes in the bedroom, and prepare yourself from the beginning of the day of intimate relationship as well as your husband.

5 – Accept your body and exercise exercises and healthy diet to enjoy the strength of good and good health, see yourself in the mirror and tell you that you are beautiful even with some weight or body changes that occur with marriage and pregnancy and childbirth, and care for the health of your skin and hair and personal cleanliness constantly as if you are on a date Grammy your husband every day.


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