First "Atlas" of Human Lung Promises Revolutionary Treatment for Asthma!

first "atlas" of human lung promises revolutionary treatment for asthma!

British scientists have created the first map of human lung, giving hope for a definitive cure for asthma.

The map maps each cell in the lung with the detection of the basis of respiratory structure, both in patients and healthy.

The "atlas" was used to detect cells that cause mucus production in people with asthma who compared their lungs to healthy lungs.

"As part of the Human Cell Atlas Initiative, we have created the first comprehensive cellular map of the lungs, and the wide open access data reveals the activity, pathways and locations of the different cells," said Dr. Sarah Tischman, co-chair of the Human Cell Atlas Organization of the Wellcome Sanger Institute.

"The Atlas of Lung Cells will provide a great resource for further lung research, and we hope it will allow us to identify possible therapeutic targets for asthma relief."

Now, researchers plan to map each cell in the body, in a large project called the Human Cell Atlas Initiative.

The Global Initiative is expected to promote research into diseases, including asthma, dementia, heart disease and cancer.

Source: The Sun

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