Fire burns 250 thousand liters of "Cognac" in France

Fire burns 250 thousand liters of "Cognac" in France

A huge fire broke out Saturday in the French province of Charente, a cellar containing 250 thousand liters of cognac drink, without registering casualties.

The fire broke out midday on Saturday in a rural area of ​​the province, before 70 firefighters intervened to put it out.

"We managed to protect a nearby distillation plant with 350,000 liters of drinking water, along with several agricultural mechanisms," a local fire department official said.

Firefighters were forced to guard the place for the next night, fearing that liquor lovers would flock to the cellar.

The fires of drinking cellars and distilleries are rare in the region, but they pose significant risks because of the amounts of burning alcohol.

The Cognac, which holds the drink, is the first region in Europe in terms of the amount of liquor storage, where it produces and maintains more than half a million hectares annually.

Cognac is a strong alcoholic drink distilled from a specific grape vine, and is preserved for at least two years in wooden drums.

Source: "AFP" + BFMTV

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