Finish your differences with your partner according to his astrological tower

Arabs today - End your differences with your partner according to his astrological tower

All of us in our daily relations with some differences with those around him, and vary the reasons for these differences, some may seem trivial and unjustified, while some may have their reasons and motives. Most of these differences result from periods of divergence and division and may develop into hostility and hatred. This, of course, affects our professional lives and our interactions with those around us. If our family lives are affected and reflected on our ability to carry out our basic daily activities, this requires an attempt to repair what has been damaged by differences and heal the rift that threatens the stability of our entire lives. , Not just family stability.

The nature of the response of each of us to the abuse he receives is different. For those who forgive and forgive quickly, and those who are keen to respond to the slap before forgiving the other party, and those who demand a proper apology, and those who do not accept apology for fear of repeated abuse, and those who carry in his chest hatred and hatred towards The other party seeks revenge from him. With different nature of our response to abuse, the methods to be followed in order to appease the partner and convince him to the need to end the dispute and the divergence, and there is no doubt that astronomical affiliations role in the extent of his conviction to change his position and accept the peace.

Child of pregnancy As he is upset by the simplest abuse, he forgives his partner quickly and condones his abuse with a touch of love and recognition of your sin towards him. The child may find pregnancy in adversity and refrain from dealing with you as an outlet for the hatred inside you, do not provoke during that period more abuse.

Tell him with your regret and give up your pride if you want to reconcile with him. Taurus is a fan of controversy and may turn their argument sometimes into a fight and Talasn, and here you have to adjust yourself to avoid the aggravation of the crisis. You may be surprised by an exaggerated reaction for seemingly trivial reasons, but you will be more surprised by your dealings with you as if nothing was happening. Gemini is a symbol of forgiveness and tolerance. As for the main reasons for the dispute, it is exaggerated in the response and use harsh words in the argument.

If you want to please him, send him a gift or a valuable message to express his apology.

Cancer is not deliberately disturbed or abused harshly, it is not easily forgiven and does not calm down quickly. He may seek revenge from you and will pursue you until he calms down by hurting you in response to what you have done to him. However, he may calm down and initiate the request for reconciliation. The Lion will feel a little bit of trouble if it hurts you and will try to apologize and calm once a dispute has broken out. May try to end the dispute by turning the talk to another topic or the rumor and the launch of jokes.

The virgin is one of the most born of the towers and the most extreme of revenge. If you want to end the dispute, acknowledge your mistake towards him and express to him your apologies with the words of Wad and Hanoo. Libra Libra is keen to aggravate the crisis between you, is inherently inclined to exaggeration.

The solution is to try to engage in a calm and objective discussion about the causes of disagreement in an attempt to find solutions to your problems. Scorpio is one of the most severe born in the towers in his adversary, may not forgive the abuse the rest of his life if the dignity and pride. However, peace may be accepted by receiving a valuable gift. The baby of the bow is one of the most tolerant and least inclined to hate those who are born.

Just discuss the reasons for the disagreement and promise not to repeat the abuse, and certainly the same will be addressed to you.

0 Childbirth Capricorn is not forgiven easily and may continue to hate for you for many years, and may be prosecuted by the allegations and abuses related to your personal reputation and shake your place among people. If you find him making lies about you, know that it weakens his personal status more than harm to you. Aquarius is unforgiving and does not easily forget abuse. You may pretend to have forgotten the abuse, but you may find some aspects of revenge, or at least respond to your abuse. Whale is proud of the birth of Pisces dignity and personal status does not accept any apology. They may describe you when you present valuable gifts in kind to express your regret.

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