Find the wrong hair care habits you should stop practicing

Arabs today - Find the wrong hair care habits you should stop practicing

"Cutting off hair ends" and "not washing it for long periods of time keeps its softness" of the most common habits followed by many girls without knowing whether they have any effect or benefit. Unfortunately, these habits and generational traditions may be the cause Basic damage to your hair. In order to maintain your hair we monitor you a set of wrong habits to care for hair, which should stop immediately: 1 – hair cutting helps to grow faster This is one of the most bad habits that we believe in, especially since most specialists make sure that the hair grows from the roots and no matter how I tried to cut the tips of hair This will not affect the roots or make it grow faster, but it is preferred to cut the limbs of damaged hair to grow properly and does not extend the damage and fall the longer the length.

As for the habit of shaving children's hair, which some believe helps to grow better, this is not true, because hair growth involves the nature of body growth, genetic genes, etc., and what can be done to a child that can not be applied to another child. The sashwar) Using a sashwar does not hurt the hair if it is a low grade. For long hair, care must be taken to use the hair dryer even at a low degree, especially that the long hair remains wet for a long time and then water droplets permeate inside the capillaries and affect the proportion of creatine in the hair and lead to bombardment.3 – White hair cut leads to an increase in the number of white hair in the head

Of course, cutting the white hair or any hair in the wrong way affects the scalp and can affect the growth of the hair, but this does not mean the appearance of other white hairs, especially that each hair cell in the scalp does not mean cutting hair affected the scalp completely.4 – comb hair is useful for their growth The wrong habits of hair care, combing daily, which leads to the imbalance of oils in the scalp, which in turn make it get dirty faster and lead to damage, so keep away from combing hair on a daily basis.5 – Dependence on the type of shampoo certain hair does not tend to a certain type of shampoo, You have to do is to use the appropriate shampoo for the nature of your hair. But that does not mean that if you use a certain type of shampoo for a long time and then use another type, it affects the growth and nature of your hair … Of course this is one of the most wrong.

6 – You can treat the damaged parties There are thousands of products in the market for the treatment of damaged parties, but it is useless. A good treatment is a story and know the main reason for hair weakness and bombardment while working on proper nutrition. 7 – Use the appropriate product for hair There are many hair products that classify hair in numbers based on strength and type, for example No. 1 for light hair and 3 for curly hair, so you can not rely on One of the numbers without knowing the quality of your hair and whether it combines two types or not and therefore advised to try products suitable for your hair.

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