Find recipes for temporary hair coloring

Arabs today - Find recipes for hair coloring temporarily

Do you like the colors of hair that are scattered throughout the season, such as blue or fuchsia and other distinctive and different colors? You may want to try it but you worry about the result or do not want to use any kind of hairy tint.

These are some ways to temporarily color hair, without resorting to means that destroy your hair.

1. Chalk:

Chalk is found in most cosmetics shops, as well as major online selling sites, and comes in a package of four colors mostly "green, blue, fuchsia, purple."

If you can not get it, you can use plain chalk or pastel colors, and the color lasts a little while and ends once you wash it once.


Divide your hair into tufts and peels using water spray, then pass the chalk on it, until you get the desired result, leave it to dry and then use iron hair or spray paint.

2. Ishido or Al-Balashir:

Use the ishado or palachar to color the hair, choose the right color and mix your hair with an aerosol.

Use the Ishido in the same chalk way.
3. Colorful mascara:

If you can not get them, you can use regular colored mascara.

Do not recommend this option if you want to color your hair in full or a large part of it, because of the small brush Mascara, it will take a lot of time, use this method if you want to color a few tufts of your hair.
4. Sugar-free biodiesel juice:

Use sugar-free bum juice to stain your hair.

Remove the powder in the color you choose in the water, leave it to boil a little, then turn off the fire and let it cool completely, immerse your hair in the solution for two or three minutes, and then with a towel to dry and do not wash for 24 hours.
5. The marquee:

Open the back of the marker and remove the inner tube.

If you want to color your hair, or a large part of it, drop the tube in a dish with some water, then pour it into your water for 5 minutes, then dry it with a towel.
6. Food colors:

Dilute the colors of the food in water and immerse your hair in it for minutes, and then dry the dryer and do not wash for 24 hours.
7. Temporary hair pigments:

There are several types available in the cosmetics shops, such as regular dyes, sprays or colored shampoos, which are lasting for some time, some of which lasts up to 30 washings.

In all previous ways, use gloves to protect your hands and an old towel to protect your clothes.

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