Find out about the new Epic Games Store that will eliminate Google Play Store

One of the most controversial points in 2018 was Epic Games' decision not to publish Fortnite in the Google Play Store, where the game was played through the company's Web site and at Samsung's official Galaxy Apps store.

The question here is: Why did Epic Games do that? Well, the answer is simple as the company argued at the time that it was overcharging 30% of commissions to Google for in-game purchases or integrated purchases of the game, and not publishing it in the Google Play Store will help it save about $ 50 million a year at the time Google did not give her anything worth the money.
The move, fortunately for Epic Games, did not affect the performance of the Fortnite Android game. The game was the most successful game in 2018, generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue for the company, which will now launch its Android video game store.

Because one of the great advantages of the Android operating system is that you can install applications outside the Google Play store, Epic Games will have its own Android store, and to convince developers of their games in their new store, the company will not charge 30% of commissions as Google does, Only at a 12% rate, so developers can earn much more money in the new Epic Games store compared to Google Play Store.
If Epic Games succeeds in its new store, other big companies will probably want to launch their own alternative store too, and that may not be good for Google, which will lose a lot of revenue. In contrast it is virtually impossible to prevent Google installing applications outside the Google Play Play Store can be played, because that will have significant implications for what the Android system means for several years.

In the coming days we will see how all this will end, which may force Google to reduce its fees to developers.

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