Find out about the most popular restaurants frequented by the world's richest people

Arabs Today - Find out about the most popular restaurants frequented by the world's richest people

The cities are now crowded with many restaurants that are not without any street, despite the different quality of the food they offer, and these restaurants attract customers from the rich classes only from different countries of the world thanks to its unique method in the preparation and delivery of various food items and quality, quality is the most important The main reasons for success especially with the provision of meals that need quality in taste, health, hygiene and other important requirements.
Here's a list of the best and most famous restaurants in the world:

Restaurant Austria Franciscana
This restaurant is located in Italy and is named the best restaurant among the top 50 restaurants around the world. It is also one of the most famous restaurants in the world. This is due to the unique combination of traditional Italian dishes and innovations. The title of the best restaurant has come to him after he has gathered 1000 independent experts among chefs, specialists, restaurant owners and journalists, and honored the Best Restaurant Restaurant Award.

Restaurant Ithaa

This restaurant is located in Maldives One of the most famous restaurants in the world, a feeling that combines the fear and happiness of sitting at Ithaa Restaurant in the Maldives. This is the first restaurant in the world under the sea in a design in the form of a huge fish pond built of transparent acrylic, and the cost of financing this restaurant five million dollars, The restaurant has the pleasure of seeing the coral reefs, the strangest sea creatures and enjoying seafood tasting on your $ 300 table. The restaurant puts a list of 23 seafood specialties in your hands.
Solo Per Due Restaurant
Located in Italy, the smallest restaurant in the world, it is among the most expensive restaurants in the world. It is also one of the most famous restaurants in the world. It can only accommodate two people for only one table. It is suitable for every two people who wish to have a romantic dinner. You have to know that the price of a single dish, Italian, is worth $ 426, although some may resent sitting in a place where there is no one, but it is really wonderful, in my opinion, with a unique service as well as sitting in a building from the 19th century Roman origins to the owner of the largest Latin poets Horace .

Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee
This restaurant is located in France. The most affluent people are definitely going to visit this luxurious restaurant when they visit Paris. The majesty and splendor of this restaurant is unparalleled. It was built in a majestic style and is attributed to the most famous chefs. France, you will enjoy a classic French taste of only US $ 200.

Sketch Restaurant
This restaurant is located in London, close to the Regent Street, consisting of 4 individually designed rooms to enchant those who enter. The price of the appetizers is more expensive than the main dishes. The price is only $ 149 while the appetizers are $ 300 and above. With the attention of tourists arriving in the city; it is considered a museum dating back to the nineteenth century and a restaurant at the same time. The walls are decorated with paintings and designs, and the tables and chairs are made in a very luxurious and modern manner. What is surprising is that the owner is an Algerian, not a Frenchman, Mourad Mazouz.
Restaurant Masa
The restaurant is located in New York, where the prices start from US $ 600. As for the quality of the food, most of which are Japanese and seafood, the restaurant serves about 20 main dishes. The restaurant and chef are responsible for Japanese Masa Takayama. That the bill for eating two individuals will not be less than 1190 dollars, while the drink will be in a separate account, worth up to 250 dollars per person.

Eagle Ski Club Restaurant
This restaurant is located in Switzerland and is distinguished from all the rest of the world's restaurants. It requires an urgent need to register for the membership of the Eagle Ski Club because of its fame, and the fat information is that the registration cost is $ 50,000


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