Find out about the most beautiful islands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Arabs Today - Find out about the most beautiful islands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia contains hundreds of diverse islands, which overlook the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf and thousands of islands are ready for all lovers Surfing, Or lovers of diving between Coral reefs Or landscape lovers of the pristine islands.

Abu Ali Island

Abu Ali Island is located in the Arabian Gulf. It has an area of ​​about 59,30 km. It is one of the inhabited islands. It also has a small helipad known as Abu Ali Airport. There are many economic projects on the island, , And the establishment of an environmental protection project for the Crimean trees in the region of Ras Tanura, which is one of the first projects in the protection of forests, and planted more than one million trees and the planting of thousands of mangroves in the province of Jubail on the island, which is food for many birds and wild animals .

Find out about the most beautiful islands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Isle of Hercules

The island of Harqos is one of the most important Saudi islands located on the Arabian Gulf. It follows the Eastern Province and stretches from the borders of Jubail. It is about 70 km away from Jubail and offers daily trips to the island of Harqos and the surrounding islands, especially in the summer months. Pristine nature, and those interested in marine wildlife, especially in the seasons of bird migration, and fish are abundant in nearby waters, making it a favorite place for Saudi and Gulf fishermen.

Island safe

Is one of the islands located in the Red Sea in the south-west and follow the region of Jazan, and about 15 km southwest of the port. A safe island has been proposed by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs as an investment opportunity. The idea of ​​the project is to be a resort resort containing various accommodation units Sea view, floating accommodation, yacht and boat harbor, diving and fishing center, marine exercise site and spa.

Umm al-Qamari Islands Reserve

Al-Jazeerah is a nature reserve under the supervision of the National Commission for the Protection and Development of Wildlife. The reserve is located southwest of Qunfudah Governorate in the Red Sea. The reserve consists of two islands: Umm Al-Qamari Al-Barraneh and Umm Al Qamari Al-Fawqaniyah. In the migration season.

The surface of the island covers calcareous limestone and white sand resulting from the crash of sea shells carried by the waves to the island. It also contains dense vegetation covering many types of trees, such as arrak, black, cactus, thandah and algal, which are the source of food and the right place. The reserve also has many types of seabirds and seabirds, such as eagles, herons, white eagles and hawks.

Marine life is characterized by a huge diversity of coral reefs, marine invertebrates, bivalve turtles and green turtles, which provide breeding for migratory and migratory birds such as plachons, gulls, cones, and fowl.


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