Fatal error costs Bill Gates $ 400 billion

fatal error costs bill gates $ 400 billion

Bill Gates, the world's most famous billionaire and founder of Microsoft Corp., has revealed the biggest mistake he has made in managing the electronics giant.

"Since 2000, Microsoft has been developing a special smartphone operating system, but it has not been able to take the lead in the market for these systems," Gates said at the Village Global conference. "My guess is that this system could not become like the Android system."

"In the mobile software market, the winner gets everything, and today there is one company that can compete with Apple. Because of my zeal in this area, Google has earned $ 400 billion that Microsoft was likely to win."

"Microsoft is still strong enough and an important competitor in the electronics and programming market, but if that were not the case, it would have been at the top of the list of competitors in this market, not just a competitor among the top," Gates said.

Microsoft's Windows Insider, Brendon LeBlanc, said in January 2018 that his company would not release the beta version of the Windows 10 Mobile smartphone system and that the company would stop issuing such systems after its market share declined Programmable phones have lower support for them by independent programmers.

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