Fashion Show London Timberlake Wedding Dresses for Spring

Fashion Show London Timberlake Wedding Dresses for Spring

Arab Today - Fashion Show London Timberlake Wedding Dresses for Spring fashion show london timberlake wedding dresses for spring

The purity and romance were the title of the bridesmaids' dress of the British brand Timberlake London of spring 2020. When it comes to wedding fashion, Alice Timberley knows how to tell a love story in a way that does not arouse nostalgia or exaggerated femininity, but focuses more on the ethereal and bohemian aspects of the designs with Adding a romantic touch is not without excitement and daring.

This season, Timberlake's Spring 2020 collection featured a variety of dresses for three different types of brides.

The first type was a zebabia dress with sequined sequins, long-sleeved and tailored for women who wanted to attract attention and distinction.

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The second was bolder and more spectacular with narrow silhouettes hugging the body and decorated with tiny beads of pearl beads and embossments of crystal stones inspired by porcelain fans and Victorian corsets.

In the third type, the designer reviewed a selection of dresses in the Bohemian style of soft silk with wide drop sleeves and three-dimensional flower arrangements.

Timberlake also presented some designs for the classic bride, including a dramatic ball gown of embossed jacquard.

This group was impressive because of its variety, although it included only 10 dresses.

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