Fashion designer Fatima Nasr reveals the secrets of her new collection of fashion

Today's Arabs - designed by Fatima Nasr reveal the secrets of her new collection of fashion

Fashion designer Fatima Nasr unveiled her own fashion collection, asserting that her father, mother, mother and husband's father were the first to encourage her to start her project.

"I graduated from law school, married and my husband joined the military service. I had a lot of free time and decided to use it. I studied the details and attended three times. I learned how to work the skirt, the instrument and the kalosh. Then I taught myself by myself," Fatima said. Educational videos on websites I was brought Dresses And I see how to be designed and designed like her and within a month I decided to open my project and caught myself Patron and cut and sew and embroidery"He said.

"Throughout my life I loved detail and I was always fairest to any tailor I go to without having to study detail. I've had talent since I was young."
Fatima explained that the reason for her project is that she has always been dissatisfied with any piece she borrowed. "I always want the best, so I decided to start my project so that I could get out of it a piece without proof and I could be happier."

Designer Fatima Nasr reveals the secrets of her new collection of fashion

"My Facebook page lasted for two years, after which I took a training course in Fashun with Dr. Amani Ibrahim and a training course in detail with Professor Ali Sari," she said. "I developed a lot of myself and was very satisfied. The level I have reached and I see that I can compete with the biggest fashion designers in the event that I have the possibilities like them and raw materials. "

"I buy all the special design needs myself from raw materials and I do not accept any raw materials because I bring the highest raw materials in the market and always the client feels comfortable with me in dealing and always be impressed by the dress."

"When I see the shape of the girl's body and talk to her, I understand what is going on in her mind and I know the flaws of her body that need to be hidden and its features that are also required to be shown," she said. "I dress her in half an hour and we agree from the first interview. "I do not have to draw the design because I am not convinced of the drawing because it does not reach the girl in the mirror. This makes her imagine something that will not be handed over to her, because after I finish painting I am looking at the raw materials in the new market and from the print to find the best of the drawing.

"The woman with me feels comfortable without drawing, we can understand some of the discussion and they always allow me to adjust. We only agree on the basics and I make the rest of my work and I work," said the fashion designer.

"The first person who encouraged her to do her project was her father, because it was the main reason for it," she said. "My sister Farah was putting me in front of the fait accompli. I brought the cloth for my sisters' dresses and told me to design them. The first thing I designed in my life and started my page on Facebook, "she added." The people who encouraged me to start my project are also my mother, mother and father of my husband and most of them my husband's mother because she stood by me and still helps me always develop myself financially or morally, and my older sister was Always carry my son and me By my side. "

"I want to develop more of myself with the raw materials I use, and what helps me is that every client wants the best and the new material, and that helps me design higher designs," she said.

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