Fashion and fashion expert advice to take advantage of clothes stacked in cupboards

Fashion and fashion expert advice to take advantage of clothes stacked in cupboards

Arabs today - tips fashion and fashion experts to take advantage of clothes stacked in safes Fashion and fashion expert advice to take advantage of clothes stacked in cupboards

Shopping is not just about buying organic fabrics, but about how to get rid of clothes and make the most of the clothes that are stacked in our coffers. A new study from the French shopping website Patatam shows that British women have clothes stacked in their closets, Up to £ 13 billion, 92% of them want to be ethically disposed of.

The average woman has an estimated 504 pounds of unwanted clothing in her wardrobe, 17 percent of the women hold her for emotional reasons, and 18 percent leave her in the hope of wearing it again. But with the spring break, With some fashion and fashion advice, here are some of them:

1- The white shirt

T-shirts look great with straight jeans. Fashion expert Michelle Darlow says she already has a set of linen white shirts that can be a jacket in warm weather.

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2- Jacket

The blazer can be worn with countless items in your wardrobe. The fashion editor and expert, Lauren Judyon, says she likes spring because she gets rid of her heavy coats and jackets, because she has a large collection of colorful jackets, Jeans or tight short skirt.

3 - Pants of Denim with a straight story

High-waisted jeans wrap a lot of clumps and body flaws. "For an update on my high-heeled urban pants, I have a long shirt to give my legs more length," Michelle said.

4-wide black leg pants

"I always wear these pants with almost everything, especially on days when I do not feel well, they're very comfortable pants," Lorraine said.

5 - Classic shorts narrow

These pants are not only suitable for work, but also very good on occasions. The fashion editor, Lauren, has lots of them in cream, blue and black, and wears it with everything on all occasions.

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