Facebook introduces a new generation of famous Portal devices

facebook introduces a new generation of famous portal devices

Facebook has announced its intention to launch a new generation of Portal devices that use smart screens to make video calls.

At the Code Conference, the company's vice president for virtual reality, Andrew Bosworth, said that the launch of Portal 2019 devices is supposed to be the fall of this year, hinting that "Facebook" has a number of technologies that will be revealed in conjunction with the disclosure of these technologies .

The new Code will be secure in privacy and will not be able to store video or voice calls, and will only be used to communicate via video calls between Facebook users and Facebook Messenger.

These devices are supposed to come on screens more accurately than current Portal chats, sophisticated speakers capable of capturing the user's voice, excellent sound output, and the Siri voice-over to be controlled by voice commands.

Experts predict that Future Portal will become the first electronics to be used to communicate via Facebook applications such as WattsApp, Messenger, or Instagram.

Source: phonearena


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