"Facebook" entices creative users to make money

Facebook, ahead of VidCon, California, announced a set of options to bring more money to creators on its platforms.

The company revealed that it would offer additional ways to make money through its site, from giving them the ability to choose to place ads within the video to sell virtual items such as stars that can be purchased during the live broadcast of the content maker.

Facebook is trying to get content creators away from rivals like YouTube and Patreon to offer money-generating options such as fan subscriptions, a feature the company made earlier this year that enables users to get exclusive content for a monthly fee of $ 4.99 per month .

The features announced today aim to add more ways for creators to earn money from the platform and customize the experience of followers when visiting their pages on Facebook.

The new set of features from Facebook offers tools that make it easy to manage pages and personal files, including Creator Studio, which allows creators and publishers to manage posts, ideas and messages on all Facebook pages of Facebook, Instagram and IGTV from one place.

"facebook" entices creative users to make money

These new tools will let you know the interaction so that creators can share their followers with ad agencies to better target them with the ads that work best for them.

As a result, creators will also be able to choose where to put ads on videos and decide whether they will be shown before the video starts if the clip is short.

"facebook" entices creative users to make money

For group enthusiasts, Facebook will allow group managers to charge monthly fees from their subscribers. These special groups allow for more personal contact between users and group managers.

Facebook also added Facebook Stars, which allows online video users to sell a set of stars for a specified amount of 100 stars at $ 1.40 and a 1% commission for every star used.

If you are a creator who runs a Facebook page and receives an invitation from Fan Subscriptions, be sure to read the terms of service well before joining. The contract states that Facebook can receive up to 30% of subscriptions when the feature is officially launched. A lifetime license to use creators' work even after they have stopped using Fan Subscriptions.

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