FaceApp developers respond to rumors circulating against him

FaceApp developers respond to rumors circulating against him

Wireless Lab, the developer of the famous FaceApp application, released a statement clarifying the policy of its application to respond to recent rumors.

In the statement, the company listed a few items in which it explained the mechanism of its application and policy in maintaining the confidentiality of user data, where she said:

FaceApp handles most images in the cloud, and there are images that are selected by the user only and want to modify them, and do not transfer any other images from the user's phone to that cloud.

We store the image that the user wants to modify in our cloud for a specific period only, so that the user does not have to download it again if it is modified again, and those images automatically deleted from the cloud after 48 hours from the date of loading.

We accept all requests from users to delete their images from our servers. Our e-support service is currently slightly overloaded, but these are our priorities. To quickly process the application, we recommend that our users use the following steps: Go to the Settings field in the application, E-support, and then send a request to preview the application attached to the term (privacy).

All features of FaceApp work without the user signing in via private data as in some applications, so 99% of users do not log in that way, but modify the images through the list of settings that appear on the screen directly use, and that is why we do not have Data may identify the user's identity.

We do not sell or transfer user data or assets to third parties.

Although most of our research and development team is located in Russia, user data is not transmitted to other countries, even in Russia.

"We want to comment on one of the most important points that the user should know," the company said in a statement. "We carry the images that the user wants to process on our servers from his own photo gallery only after the user has allowed access to those images. This matter.

"Recently, there have been a number of issues and news material about the application of FaceApp and the Wireless Lab operating under our center," said a statement from the Russian Center for Innovation and Creativity, known as the Russian Silicon Valley. One of the world's leading innovators and innovators, our platform is open to Russian and foreign developers, the foundation brings together about 2,000 startup and innovation companies, more than 100 research partner centers, and we have important partners such as Boeing and other major international companies. This institution, and Yaroslav Goncharov e From foundations and contributed to the development of FaceApp, we can assure that this company is not a subsidiary of Skolkovo Ventures, does not receive any grants or financial support, this company uses Skolkova Foundation servers, as well as our affiliate accelerator programs that assist them in marketing. "

FaceApp was launched a long time ago, and has become one of the most popular applications used by millions around the world to manipulate their images and control their features to show the person in the picture larger or younger, but some fear that these images may be exploited by application developers or leaked to third parties.

Source: RT


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