Experts are ringing the alarm to warn of solar condoms!

Experts are ringing the alarm to warn of solar condoms!

A study by experts from the US Food and Drug Administration showed the serious risks caused by the use of various types of sunscreen creams.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, the risks of solar condoms stem from the risk of organic chemical compounds, which prevent the arrival of ultraviolet rays of the skin, but human blood absorbs them if used frequently.

The study involved 24 healthy volunteers of both sexes with an average age of 35 years. Participants placed sunscreen four times a day for four days, with ointments covering 75 percent of their body surface.

The results, after taking blood samples from the volunteers, showed that regular periodic use of sunscreen on the skin results in a significant increase in the content of harmful substances, which exceeded the safety threshold set by the Food and Drug Administration such as oxybenzone, opopenzone, octocrylene and ixamol.

These compounds, according to scientists, can cause hormonal disorders in humans and threaten the function of the reproductive system in addition to its carcinogenic effect.

Source: Izvestia

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