European Union foreign ministers call for a reduction in the escalation of the offensive in the Gulf of Oman

european union foreign ministers call for a reduction in the escalation of the offensive in the gulf of oman

European Union foreign ministers on Monday called for a reduction in the escalation after the oil tankers were targeted in the waters of the Gulf of Oman, European Union President Federica Mugherini said.

At the conclusion of a meeting of the Council of the European Union for Foreign Affairs, in Luxembourg, said Mugereini: "Our call is to the greatest restraint and reduce the escalation."

The European official reiterated what she said during the meeting, urging all parties to calm down against the background of the incident, which raised fears of a possible conflict in the region, saying: "We call for maximum restraint, and I think that the words very wise come to the Secretary-General of the United Nations The United Nations, Antonio Guterres, when he says the world is not capable of tolerating a new conflict. "

During the meeting, the European ministers confirmed their condemnation of the attack last Thursday in the Gulf of Oman, while taking a conservative stance on the accusations quickly made by the United States, Britain and Saudi Arabia to Iran on this matter and looked forward to more facts about the serious incident.

Source: AFP + Independent

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