European proposals to supply new cars with black boxes

Arabs today - European proposals to provide cars with black boxes

As part of new EU proposals, motorists can enjoy advanced safety features in all new models produced in the EU, where they will be equipped with a range of technologies including black boxes that monitor driving behavior.

European proposals to supply cars with black boxes

According to the daily "Daily Mail" British, the new safety laws were introduced by the European Council, where all cars produced in European countries will be equipped with data recorders that can record the speed and safety systems activated in the event of any collision.

Other features will be added, including intelligent speed assist systems that can automatically adjust the speed of the car, depending on how much the vehicle should be on the road.

Black box devices are already being used by some drivers as part of their policies to reduce accidents but may soon become a necessity for all new cars being produced and sold in Europe.

If approved by the European Parliament, black funds can be a legal requirement and used to conduct data analysis and assess the effectiveness of specific measures taken before, during and after a collision.

The black boxes will record not only the speed of the car but also the safety systems used at the time of the accident and the effectiveness of collision avoidance systems. Drivers will not be able to shut down these devices, and data will be collected across European countries.

While there is no specific date for consideration of proposals by EU lawmakers, the European Council has said it aims to reach a quick agreement, likely to be in early 2019.

Transport safety groups supported the move, which said that introducing these requirements would significantly reduce road death rates on the continent.

"We must do our best to make our roads safer for all," Austrian Transport Minister Norbert Hofer said, adding that the new rules reflect the latest technological developments, which will protect and help save more lives.

The European Commission says a wide range of new safety requirements for cars can save up to 25,000 people over 16 years.

Antonio Avenoso, executive director of the European Council for Transport Safety, said the decision would be a big step forward for road safety.

All will be supplied the cars The new, in addition to the black boxes, will assist in speed-assist under the law. These systems will not only inform drivers of speed limits, but can also slow down the speed of the vehicle equipped with speed control.

European proposals to supply cars with black boxes

Other systems will become a legal requirement for new cars to be approved for sale in the EU, including independent emergency braking, track survival and driver error, which are becoming more popular across today's ranges.

The new cars will also need to provide a certain level of pedestrian protection and "breathalyser" technology. A British study said most drivers would welcome these new features.

A poll conducted by the company WhoCanFixMyCar, an online car repair market, found that 90 per cent welcomed new technologies in the UK.

"Member States have played their part and supported the mandatory installation of vehicle technologies that will make roads safer for all over the years to come," said Joshua Harris, campaign manager at BRIC, a charity for road safety.

"It is now the role of the European Parliament to make progress and make this vision a reality. The deployment of life-saving vehicle technologies in the UK road safety recession of recent years, such as self-contained emergency braking and intelligent speed assistance, "The UK government should seize this opportunity and continue to support these vital measures, regardless of their exit from the EU."

"There is huge public support for improving vehicle safety, and it is essential that both the EU government and the government support it United kingdom, These measures help to make our roads safer for all. "

Many expect British-made cars to meet the same standards as those assembled across Europe, and the changes are likely to affect new car prices as manufacturers go at a higher cost to provide additional technology to customers.

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