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Ethernet Vs Wifi: Is Wire Connection Really Better?


Wireless is the general standard for every emerging technology to the extent that it is not an extravagant feature anymore. Although the world is wireless, the use of Ethernet cables is less logical, but offers many options.

Someone using Ethernet cables did not see their smartphones, but it’s a good choice in many situations, such as using backup devices and games. Although it is not as comfortable as using a wireless network, Ethernet has three more reliable features, higher speeds, and less response time.


When it comes to data transfer speed, Ethernet has a slight advantage over Wi-Fi but you prefer to use Wi-Fi regardless of marginal speed difference, which is very logical for the convenience of connecting your device anywhere in Wi-Fi.

When Wi-Fi was first introduced to the market with 802.11g, it was not enough for people with high Internet speeds, with 54Mbps being the maximum Wi-Fi then compared to 1000Mbps of Ethernet. However, with the latest Wi-Fi standards such as 802.11ac, this is no longer a problem. The maximum range is now 3200Mbps (theoretical) which is much greater than the Internet speeds in most homes at present.


Although Wi-Fi offers great speeds now, it is only theoretical. In the case of practical use, the signals are subject to various disturbances such as radio waves, and the walls can weaken signals so that they can change the signal strength. Here you will notice the superiority and importance of Ethernet here already, since it provides a constant speed as expected from a specific data transfer medium.

This difference is the signal strength that is typically seen when downloading a huge file or displaying 1080p or higher video.


There is no doubt that security is the best feature offered by Ethernet compared to Wi-Fi. Data sent over Ethernet can only be accessed through the sender and the data receiver at both ends of the cable. However, in the case of Wi-Fi, data is transmitted over the air, anyone who can break the encryption and therefore see your data. Using open Wi-Fi in places like train stations, cafes are not at all safe and pose a major threat to your security.

Although Ethernet has many advantages over Wi-Fi, it makes no sense to use a wired connection all the time using your laptop. The performance factor is pretty much the same in both cases, but if you’re picky, Ethernet is what works for you.


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