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Encrypt the contents of any file and prevent others from reading it with this simple trick on Windows

You may sometimes have an important file that contains sensitive files that you do not want to fall into the hands of others, so you might think about protecting it, and the first technique we think about is the password, as most people put important files in a folder and protect it with a password using a program, Is this method as effective as we think? Sure, no, because today's passwords have become nothing more than breakthrough programs. There is a set of tools, especially Linux, that can penetrate any password in minutes with a powerful computer, as long as the latter is not strong enough to avoid such attacks. , Many if not all, when they put a password for something, just keep in mind that this word should be difficult to guess from someone else, unaware that anyone can penetrate that word using a hacking program, and so most people do not choose words A very strong passage to repel these kinds of attacks. So we came today in a simple way will enable you to secure any file and make reading content is possible only on your own device.

Before this you should know that anyone who is connected to the same network you are connected to is able to infiltrate your computer remotely and take any file, without knowing even this, who knows maybe you already got this with you but you did not realize? Therefore, in order to avoid the fall of your important files in the hands of others you can simply encrypt them, this will certainly not prevent others from taking the file but will prevent them from reading the content as we said earlier.
First place your important files in a special folder, right-click it and choose


Then click on advanced

Choose encrypt content to secure data Then press ok

In the rest of the windows, just click ok as shown below

So you have finished encrypting the folder, try to read its files on another computer and you will notice that this will not be possible.

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