Embrace the man's first psychological weapon to contain women

Arabs today - embrace the man's first psychological weapon to contain women

Many men suffer from problems in dealing with women, and the most important things that lose relations luster and psychological clarity is the neglect of some movements or simple acts, but the meaning of deep and meaningful in women and also have a psychological impact makes them supernatural and weapon in the hands of any man. Dr. Amjad Al Ajroudi, psychiatrist of the Regional Psychiatry Council, talks about this important subject, saying that men should always be strong and women always see this way, but at the same time men should not neglect some actions that would make women feel safe and contain Many words, and provide him with a lot of time and effort would have been lost in other acts of futility and influence, such as the effect of some other acts. "The woman is no matter how powerful she is, she is weak in the presence of her husband, and always wants to feel her protection, containment and strength through which the largest acts that indicate this and reach a simple message is the embrace, And the psychological impact is great and effective and makes women calm and psychological psychological strength is also unparalleled, so it becomes safe as you feel from within and change their psychology to the best.

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