Egypt and France conduct air-to-sea training in the Mediterranean

Egypt and France conduct air-to-sea training in the Mediterranean

The Egyptian armed forces announced on Tuesday the launch of joint Egyptian-French air-to-air training "Ramses 2019" in the Mediterranean.

A spokesman for the Egyptian armed forces said that the training will be carried out with the participation of elements of the naval and air forces and the special naval forces of Egypt and France, where it will last for several days. The French side carrying the French helicopters "Charles de Gaulle" and the accompanying combat group, In addition to a number of Rafal fighter aircraft. On the Egyptian side, the training includes a naval formation of frigates, modern rocket launchers and elements of the naval special forces, as well as a number of F-16 and Rafal fighter aircraft.

According to the statement, the training includes the implementation of several activities that contribute to the unification of operational concepts and the ability to plan and manage joint naval and air battles. The training aims to enhance the skills of the participating naval and air forces, exchange of combat and field experiences and prepare for any joint tasks. Under different circumstances.

The training is also designed to address the challenges facing maritime security in the region and to secure vital targets in the Mediterranean.

Source: RT


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