Effective ways to eliminate stretch marks by color

Effective ways to eliminate stretch marks by color

Arabs today - effective ways to eliminate the signs of expansion by color Effective ways to eliminate stretch marks by color

A large proportion of about 90 percent of women are exposed to different lines of red or purple, including white, called stretch marks, on different parts of their bodies. These signs appear for a variety of reasons, including changes in weight, hormonal changes or pregnancy-related causes, which contribute to rapid skin dilation resulting in damage to the dermis, a layer of skin located directly under the skin, and the middle layer of the skin. From here, and immediately after the appearance of these signs, the lady is quick to use all the solutions and techniques to get rid of them, as its appearance may cause inconvenience to some, but are there effective ways to this problem?

Some of the techniques used by some are «solarium», while this technique may tear the internal part of the skin during the signs of expansion, which prevents skin on the surface of the skin from the fire. Therefore, using this technique will make your skin look planed and enhance the appearance of scars.

On the other hand, some cosmetic and skin care experts recommend some natural or medical methods, which may limit and eliminate the stretch marks, depending on their color.

Shea butter
Studies have shown that the use of shea butter in the stages of emergence of the first signs of expansion, helps to get rid of them faster. If the scars are dark red or purple and have not yet turned white, the shea butter is very effective in treating them. Use African Shea butter for 3 weeks twice a day, morning and evening, and massage your skin until the stretch marks completely disappear.

Medical treatments
Some red or purple markings can not be treated with topical creams, but are more responsive to medical treatments such as peeling treatments or laser treatments that help promote collagen production and skin tightening, improve texture and give a polished look to the skin. Once they are white, the best way to eliminate them is by using laser sessions.

Topical creams
You can consult your dermatologist to prescribe topical creams that treat the effects of stretch marks on the skin and rebuild the tissues.

Cover with makeup
You can also resort to make-up by choosing a special preparation that hides stretch marks, sunburns and other skin imperfections.

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