Eat 10 years with rice, milk and honey

Al Arab Al - Youm - 10 years with a mixture of rice water, milk and honey

Do you know that rice has many aesthetic benefits to care for your skin? Rice contains huge amounts of antioxidants that help to promote the production
Collagen inside skin cells. It also helps to protect the skin from damage caused by exposure to sunlight, which causes the appearance of early wrinkles.

Rice also contains a percentage of vitamin E, which promotes the freshness of the skin, as well as its multi-health benefits of the heart and reduce levels of cholesterol in the blood.

Give yourself a rice water conditioner to renew the skin and remove wrinkles.
Ingredients needed:

3 tablespoons of rice.
A tablespoon of milk.
A tablespoon of honey.
Steps to prepare:

1 – boil the rice with a little water, and then well filtered and save the water produced from the boiling rice.
2. Heat the milk and mix with rice water.
3. Add honey to rice water mixture with milk.
4. Dissolve the resulting mixture on the skin of the face after cleaning it thoroughly, and leave until it completely dry.
5. After that, rinse the face well with the resulting rice water.

With this mixture repeated once a week, you will get a younger, more vibrant skin during a short period of time.

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