Dr. Shafiq reveals alternative ways to treat cancerous "tumors"

Dr. Shafiq reveals alternative ways to treat cancerous anomalies

Dr. Ali Shafiq, professor of surgery at Al-Qasr Al-Aini University, revealed the importance of the abdominal ventricle for the eradication of anal cancer.

Shafik said in a special inscription to the site of Al-Arab Al-Youm, "Clostomy openings are the opening of the abdominal cavity, which is the conversion of the waste path to the abdominal wall of the means used in the last decade. This method has been common and still in some medical centers for the eradication of tumors And anal incontinence. In cases of low anal tumors, it was difficult to connect the colon to the anal canal after the tumor was removed. Now, these connections have become simple by using surgical staples, which can be delivered by the intestine to the anal canal. Keep holding muscles of the anus Veetmkn the patient from the output of natural and image control in the output process. "

Dr. Shafiq added: "As for the high anal fistula only, it has been scientifically proven that the conversion of the ventricle to the abdomen does not automatically close the nostrils, but the knowledge of the direction of the palms and the anatomy of the muscles through modern methods of diagnosis such as magnetic resonance imaging and three-dimensional anal sonar can be determined by a map, , And total eradication leads to recovery in these cases and without converting the course of stool into the abdomen.

Dr. Shafiq said that "failure to control the output is still a chronic problem of doctors, but multiple causes and vary between the lack of control due to cutting anal muscles" result of a previous injury, or paralysis of anal muscles "resulting from a disease below the backbone, About a partial paralysis of the colon leads to increased storage within the colon resulting in chronic constipation and then ends with uncontrolled output and affects children from the age of 3 years to 18 years.

Dr. Shafiq added: "As for the latest treatment methods vary depending on the diagnosis of the cause, and knowledge of the injury anal muscles whether it is a muscle injury or muscle nerve or colon, and based on the diagnosis is determined method of treatment.

Dr. Shafiq said: "Muscle repair of muscle-cutting cases, usually caused by muscle cut is the result of the surgery of hemorrhoids, or anterior anal fracture, or after the birth of natural, especially in the homes and primitive centers, the head of the child is large Vtahtk vaginal opening of the vagina and anal muscles unless dealing With her gynecologist surgically enlarging surgery by opening the vagina and closing it again. "

This segment of patients was suffering from the cause of the output and uncontrolled and the previous reform surgery did not produce satisfactory results, because of the lack of knowledge of the anatomy of the muscles of anal holding in the light of medical research in the past two decades by the team of Dr. Ahmed Shafiq research, was reached anatomy And functional area of ​​the pelvis and anus leading to an increase in the efficiency of muscle repair surgeries to between 80 – 90%.

As for the nerve injury of the muscle, it is now possible to perform some surgeries to overcome the lack of control based on the degree of paralysis of the nerve and muscle atrophy. In some cases, a device that stimulates an electrical pulse is placed under the skin to perform the role of the nerve. It is possible to implant muscles from the leg to perform the function of the inert muscles or to implant an artificial valve on the anal canal, but this device has special conditions for the patient. The proportions of these cases reach 70-80%.

In cases of polio or colorectal colitis in children, it has several methods of treatment ranging from simple surgery to removal of part of the colon.

This surgery is now performed either through the anal canal in the manner of pulling the colon from the anus without opening the abdomen or through the laparoscope. Small openings are made in the abdominal wall.

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