Do you remember the story of a homeless man who helped an American lady? It turned out to be a big trick!

Last year, the story of a homeless American man swept through social networking sites because of the humanitarian attitude of a New Jersey woman who lost her way while trying to buy fuel. The Guardian newspaper revealed that the whole story was a big lie, fabricated to encourage others to donate more than $ 400,000, To help the poor good actor.

Burlington County Attorney General Scott Covina announced criminal charges against the couple who told their stories to newspapers and television stations and to the homeless man he plotted to tell.

The Story of the homeless

Prosecutors said the money donated to the prisoner Johnny Bobbit would be returned to people who saw the story and donated it on the GoFundMe electronic page, created by the couple Mark Damico and Kaitlin McIller.

"The whole campaign was based on a lie," Covina said. It was false and illegal and will have consequences. " US police arrested Bobbit on Wednesday night (November 14th) in Philadelphia, and remained in custody on Thursday until he was released under surveillance, on bail of $ 50,000. A former Lubavitcher lawyer has written a letter asking him to comment on the case.

Damico and Maclear surrendered to the authorities Wednesday night and were released. Their lawyers said they did not want to comment. The charge of theft was scammed to everyone.

The Story of the homeless

Investigators searched the house of Damico and McIller in New Jersey in September 2018, after questions were raised about the fate of the money donated to Bobbit. The couple claimed they helped McIller get the fuel after she lost her way on Highway 95 in Philadelphia last year (2017).

McIller said she created the fundraising website, in an effort to make donations to Bobbit, which raised more than $ 400,000 and raised the story in the media.

Covina said the whole story was a lie, as McElair did not run out of money, and Bubit did not find her facing trouble and helping her with money.

Less than one hour after the fundraising page was created, McIller sent a text message to a friend acknowledging that the story was "fabricated". The prosecutor began investigations after Boubet claimed that he did not receive the funds collected for him and later sued the couple. But the fate of the money has yet to be known, although Bobit's lawyer said the money was spent in full.


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