Discovering the colors of your bedroom influences your intimate relationship

Arabs today - Discover the colors of your bedroom affect your intimate relationship

Before you make the decision to change the color of your bedroom walls, you should be careful to choose colors. All studies confirm that colors have a great effect throughout the sleep and relaxation, as well as on intimacy.

A study conducted by Travelodge on 2,000 guests confirmed that colors play an important role in relaxing or motivating guests and that their effects extend throughout the night.

Colors to choose when decorating your room:

Blue color experts are a color that reduces heart rate and lowers blood pressure. It also gives calm because it is associated with sea and sky colors. Studies have confirmed that more than half of people with blue bedrooms wake up feeling happy.

Yellow occupies second place, is a sunny color stimulator of the nervous system, promotes relaxation and creates instant comfort.
Terrestrial Green:

Green Earth comes third, and 22% of those with green bedrooms wake up feeling optimistic.
Caramel brown:

Couples who own bedrooms with this color have sex more than three times a week, and although there is no scientific reason for this, scientists believe that the approaching color of chocolate makes the parties more enthusiastic.


Experts advise to stay away from violet, because it helps stimulate the mind and keep thinking, which affects the insomnia and difficulty of sleep, and scientists have confirmed that the average person sleeps in a room color purple not more than five and a half hours.

The study confirmed that the gray color gives negative energy, and affects the couple of depression and feelings of emotional isolation.
the Red:

Contrary to the mainstream, where some believe that the red color stimulates the practice of intimacy, which is denied by the study, she confirmed that couples who sleep in the bedroom red and have sex only once a week.

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