Discover the benefits of pomegranate fruits and it treats 11 diseases

Discover the benefits of pomegranate fruits and it treats 11 diseases

A recent scientific study confirms that pomegranate fruits treat 11 diseases and provide the body's basic needs of nutrients. The pomegranate seeds, which are used in fruit salad, eliminate the bacteria that cause diarrhea, strengthen the heart and stomach, run urine, purify blood, dissolve kidney stones, soothe high body temperature, cure indigestion, reduce gout pain, and flower powder. diarrhea. Dr.. Said Salman, professor at the National Research Center confirms that the peel of pomegranate is useful in the expulsion of tapeworms to contain the two and fluorides volatile, and also used pomegranate after grinding and kneading water for the treatment of smallpox, also extracted from the roots of narcotics useful in chemotherapy. He added that the nutritional value of pomegranate is no less important than being a cure, it contains proteins, fats and mineral salts, mainly potassium, iron, copper and some organic acids and vitamins. Past studies have shown that pomegranate can be used to treat dysentery, treat neuropathy and some types of tumors that affect the mucous membranes, especially if used with honey. Eating pomegranate with fatty foods helps digest it well, he said.


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