Discover false beliefs about pregnancy attempts that annoy the couple

Arabs today - Find out wrong beliefs about attempts to conceive a couple

The exhaustion and tension involved in attempts to conceive and procreate are not enough to burden the couple. The endless beliefs come to haunt them and soothe them so that they try to take them into account before planning to make a family.

Incorrect beliefs about attempts to conceive and procreate couples
If you and your husband are one of those couples who are running behind and believing in the rumors, it is best to look at the popular beliefs about pregnancy attempts and to check their validity before they are affected:

Lying on the back is essential after intercourse!

It is said that lying on her back a few minutes after intercourse urges sperm to reach the egg and the success of the attempt to pregnancy. No doubt you have heard a lot about this very common and incorrect belief, yet you have tested it!

Infertility is the problem of women alone!

It is believed in many parts of the world that the failure of attempts to conceive and reproduce the problem of women alone, knowing that 40% of the cases of infertility and fertility comes from men ranging from low number of male sperm and deform, etc.

Second pregnancy easier than before!

Some believe that the second pregnancy is much easier than the first pregnancy, which leads them to attempt to have children one month after the first birth. But this belief is untrue and has nothing to do with reality.

The pill delays its occurrence!

Prolonged use of oral contraceptives is believed to delay pregnancy. In fact, the cycle of fertility returns to normal once the consumption of these drugs is stopped in regular form and under the supervision of the doctor.

Three months enough for successful pregnancy attempts!

It is believed that couples' attempts to conceive and reproduce succeed within three months. In fact, this varies from one couple to another, and sometimes it may take more than 3 months.

Women's age is an important factor in pregnancy!

Women are thought to have problems with pregnancy after 30 years. In fact, age plays a role in the success of pregnancy attempts and increases the risk of abortion, but this fact does not apply to everyone equal and hope remains!

The weight of a woman has nothing to do with her attempts at pregnancy!

It is believed that a woman's weight never affects her fertility or her attempts to conceive. In fact, BMI is one of the factors affecting pregnancy (whether above normal or below).

The positions of intercourse is a very effective factor for successful pregnancy attempts!

It is said that the situations of intercourse have a great impact on the success of attempts to pregnancy completely as a woman's orgasm during intimate relationship. In fact, any collective position is sufficient to induce pregnancy. And orgasm is not necessary at all, knowing the steady role in accelerating the arrival of sperm to the egg to vaccinate.

Intimacy is necessary every day!

It is believed that the practice of intimacy every day is necessary for successful pregnancy attempts. In fact, fertilization can occur at any time and is not associated with the daily intimate relationship that can negatively affect the number and quality of sperm.

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