Disclosure of the value of the penalty clause in the contract Real Madrid and Manchester United

Florentio Perez

Press reports revealed the value of the penalty clause in the contract of international player Brazilian "Edir Militao" defender of Porto.

Milito is a goal for Real Madrid and Manchester United, where the pair want to sign the 20-year-old.

The club wants to sign a contract with Millieto, comparing his compatriot Pepe, who has already played for the Merseyside, to his courage and ability to read the match well.

According to the Portuguese newspaper "Ojo" Portuguese, the club will not miss the services of defender less than the value of the penalty clause of his contract, amounting to 75 million euros.

The Red Devils are also hoping to sign up with a defender to solve the defense crisis, which caused Jose Mourinho to be sacked.

Milletau has played 14 league games, five Champions League matches and three more in the Cup, scored two goals and made them both, and made his debut in Brazil in September 2018.

Edir Milito

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