Difference between Nile fever and adult sensitivity

Hamo Nile Difference between Nile fever and adult sensitivity

Nile fever is a common disease in children and the elderly, but young people are more likely to develop the disease, especially those with white skin. Nile fever often appears at very high temperatures both for the body. Human or about the large amount of sweat which increases with high temperature.

Also, irritated skin ulcers appear as a result of friction in the skin.This if not treated quickly, it becomes large dimples, or what is known as Nile fever.In this article we will learn about Nile fever disease and its causes, and how to prevent and how to treat it.

Reasons for the fever of the Nile

  • There is no doubt that there are a number of factors that lead to the fever of the Nile, the most important of these factors is the high temperature of the body.
  • Excessive exposure to the sun's heat is one of the causes of Nile fever, friction, and sweat caused by the sweat gland.
  • Direct contact, whether skin contact with clothing or other factors that result in the fever of the Nile.
  • Salts, especially the tropical salts contained in fruits and vegetables, can also cause fever.

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How to prevent Nile fever:

The fever of the Nile can be prevented by doing the following:

  • Ventilate the house well and continuously, as well as do the cleaning of linens and furniture regularly and well.
  • It is also important to quickly reduce high body temperature by using water compresses and taking precautions.
    A: No
  • Avoid direct exposure to high sun heat, as well as clean the body well using cold water, especially when exposed to sweat and dust.

How to cure the fever of the Nile

We can rely on natural recipes to get rid of the febrile Nile disease, and by following the old habits used by our ancestors in their time and have been passed down through generations, and there are a range of natural recipes, the most important of which are:

Water drenched thermos recipe:

Which is water that we use to spray the body, after a thermos is placed in the water for a certain period of time.

Watermelon or Banana Peel Recipe:

  • The second recipe is to massage the body using watermelon peels or banana peels, for half an hour and then the body is washed with water regularly from the watermelon and banana peels.
  • Watermelon peel and banana peel can also be used as a skin moisturizer.

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Nile fever treatment with sea water:

  • Nile fever can be treated by bathing and washing the body with salty sea water for one or more times when infected.
  • Nor is it known that the Red Sea is known to be faster than the Mediterranean in treatment when used as a treatment.
    A: No
  • In case of inability to go to the sea, the amount of salt is concentrated in the filling to be used for bathing continuously, and with the repetition of this step will get the same result.

Nile fever treatment

  • Nile fever can be treated with pharmaceuticals, if there is a famous and used in pharmacies known as Clamil Lotion.
    A: No
  • Clamil lotion is used by painting the body three to five times a day with the need to bathe every day with lukewarm water, because if the water is static, it increases inflammation of the body.
  • In the case of pus foci at the center of the fever blisters, a medical soap should be used, and an antibiotic cream such as garamycin or fucidin can be used, so as not to increase the multiplication of bacteria.
  • In case of pruritus, it is appropriate to use an antihistamine syrup such as fenstil or tavegyl.

The difference between skin sensitivity and Nile fever:

We explained in the past the fever of the Nile and its causes and methods of treatment, as for the sensitivity of the skin is the appearance of some redness on the skin is called the term allergic skin as many forms and varied causes:

  • A person may become allergic to bites from insects such as ants or bees, ants, etc.
  • Allergies may be caused by taking a specific drug such as aspirin and penicillin.
  • Allergies may be caused by eating certain types of foods such as fish, eggs, nuts, strawberries or others.
  • Allergies may be associated with some psychological factors such as stress or tension, and it is possible that the allergy can be transmitted as it is susceptible to infection.
  • There are genetic factors that lead to the presence of allergies due to lack of enzymes, and human skin may be allergic to the use of some perfumes and household cleaners, and it is also possible to feel the skin of certain paints and antibiotics.
  • Allergies may be caused by the wearing of certain metals such as nickel and others. This is the difference between Nile fever and allergy.
  • Allergic reactions may appear as a red rash, with swelling and a strong desire for itching or scratching, but no blisters or granules.This is also a clear imbalance between Nile fever and allergies.

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At the end of this article, in which we talked about the disease of the febrile Nile and the factors that lead to its occurrence and how to prevent it, as well as methods of treatment, whether naturally through natural prescriptions, or by resorting to the use of drugs found in pharmacies, Our Lord Almighty, we ask Allah Almighty pardon wellness to us and to you inshaAllah.


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