Developing a test uses gold to detect all types of cancer in 10 minutes

Developing a test uses gold to detect all types of cancer in 10 minutes

Scientists at the University of Brisbane have developed a simple test that can detect the early stages of cancer. Not only is the method inexpensive and only 10 minutes long, and is suitable for all types of cancer. The central component used to identify cancer cells is molecules gold.

According to Business Insider, the new test uses very small particles of gold to attract malignant cells and to detect the disease, in an easy way for the patient without having to be subjected to a painless and painless process, and uses the simple, low-cost, fluid-changing test to detect the presence of malignant cancer cells. Any body location, results show in less than 10 minutes. The test is still under development but depends on a radical new way of detecting cancer, making routine screening for this disease simple for doctors.

Scientists have discovered that the DNA of a cancer patient and ordinary DNA glands in different minerals and behaves differently in water. Scientists have added small particles of gold to the water, turning the liquid into pink. If DNA is dropped into water, The water remains the same color, but the normal (healthy) DNA attaches to the gold in a different way, turning the color of the water into blue.

The scientists tested the new study on about 200 samples from different types of human cancers, as well as on healthy cells, and researchers found that the accuracy of detection of cancer rose to 90% in certain cases, and then can be used as a preliminary examination of cancer, Who have been confirmed to have contracted the disease with more accurate tests.

"The most important benefit of this test is that it is very cheap and simple, so it will be easy to implement in the clinic," says Laura Carraskosa, a research fellow. "Of course, nobody knows yet whether this test is the magic wand to diagnose all cancers , But it seems interesting as a very simple comprehensive indicator of cancer detection, a cheap technique that is easy to implement and does not require complex laboratory equipment such as DNA sequencing. "

Scientists are now seeking more clinical trials with patients with different types of species that they have tested in advance.

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