Detecting Serious Software Spying on WattsApp and Telegraph

detecting serious software spying on wattsapp and telegraph

Kaspersky, the world's leading information security company, has unveiled new versions of FinSpy software that target phone data and applications, including encrypted applications such as WattsApp and Telegraph.

On the subject, experts at Kaspersky said that the new versions of FinSpy can now collect super-cryptographic messaging applications in smartphones such as WattsApp, Telegram, Signal and Threema.

They explained that FinSpy versions targeting iOS devices are able to hide the "break protection" effects on those devices, and access features that the user can not access or control in his device.

FinSpy versions that target Android devices not only penetrate the data of those devices, but also have the ability to control the phone, just as the software is controlled when using the "root" programs that give the user the ability to control or delete and modify the basic software that is with the copy Its original system.

FinSpy software is often used to spy on smartphones and tablets, through which the hacker can access many victim data such as SMS content, images, GPS data, and IM data.

The experts explained that these spyware programs can be planted in phones directly through computers, and to activate them must penetrate the phone screen, so it is advised not to leave phones and tablets accessible to all without locking the screen with a security code or by fingerprint scanner, Internet networks are available in public as they contribute to the transfer of such software.

Source: Novosti

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