Detect the prices and specifications of the upcoming "iPhone" phones

Detect the prices and specifications of the upcoming "iPhone" phones

Wccf Tech, a technology specialist, leaked some information about iPhone prices and specifications expected for the summer of this year.

The price of iPhone phones expected to start from $ 989, and this price will most likely be the price of the iPhone 11R.

The iPhone 11 is supposed to be priced at $ 1294, and the larger phone from the iPhone 11 MAX is supposed to start its price of $ 1425, and these prices will vary depending on the internal storage in the phones.

Previous leaks have confirmed that Apple will launch a number of iPhone phones this year including the XS and XS Max, which will come with OLED screens, 5.8 and 6.1 inches, and a basic camera with three lenses, placed with the light bulb in a square shape , The backend, the latest "A13" processors from Apple, and technologies that help them deal with virtual reality and enhanced.

The XR2, with a dual rear camera with automatic zoom and zoom capability, can also handle virtual reality technologies and is also enhanced.

Source: Live. Ro

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