Deputy calls for investigation of the existence of "prisoners of space" in Iraq

deputy calls for investigation of the existence of "prisoners of space" in iraq

The head of the alliance, "Sason" in Diyala, MP Burhan al-Mamouri, the Department of Reform in Iraq, referring to suspicions of corruption related to the existence of "prisoners of space" in Iraqi prisons.

"The Department of Reform is one of the most important departments of the Ministry of Justice being responsible for all prisons in Iraq and cost the state budget monthly tens of billions to cover contracts to feed prisoners."

He added: "There are suspicions of corruption that indicate the existence of prisoners of space within the contracts of feed, and these suspicions cause the waste of large sums of money and put more than a question mark on the performance of the Department of Reform?

He called on the General Director of the Supreme Council for the fight against corruption "to form a fact-finding committee and to ensure that there are no prisoners of space and hold accountable anyone who causes waste of public money," while urging the Director General of the Department of Reform to "disclose the real numbers of prisoners and disclosure of the amounts of contracts of fine feeding in public" .

Source: "Alsumaria"

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