Dell warns of a software loophole that threatens millions of computers

Dell warns of a software loophole that threatens millions of computers

Dell has returned to warn its computer users of a serious software vulnerability that could be used to hack their devices.

The company said it advises all users to download the latest updates to the Dell SupportAssist utility that installs on Dell computers running Windows systems to prevent the device from being used to hack computers.

The experts had long ago discovered a software vulnerability called the CVE-2019-12280, in which hackers could use JavaScript to trick Dell SupportAssist and attract users to fake Web pages full of viruses.

This vulnerability can also be exploited to replace computer-based DLLs with other malicious DLLs that help hackers access a lot of computer data.

Technologists believe these problems could affect millions of computers other than Dell computers, as many companies rely on PC-Doctor's software for diagnosis and customer support, which in their software specifically identified the vulnerability.

Source: Agencies

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