Dechamp defends France in the World Cup and compares it to Spain


France coach Didier Deschamps defended the performance of the cockroaches at the World Cup in Russia after criticism of the defense team.

"France scored 14 goals in the World Cup, 11 of them were in the final stages of the tournament, and we scored four goals in the final for the first time since Brazil scored that number at the 1970 tournament," Deschamps told France's Le Monde newspaper.

"In 2010, the Spanish team was the hero and received a lot of praise from everyone, but this achievement came after scoring only 8 goals, there are many ways to win titles, and France succeeded in reaching the plan that gives the balance between defense and attack against competitors."

"During World Cup matches, we tried to use the right way for each opponent, either through quick attacks or defense."

"Guillain has the qualities of the leader, easy to guide to the instructions in games, he has a great future and is interested in teamwork, he has enough maturity and intelligence to continue to develop in the technical and physical level, unlike his exceptional talent."

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