Damien Chazelle’s long journey into space


«Venice» opens its 75th movie with the new «first man»

After the success of the film “Free and La La Land”, director Damien Chazel is preparing to present his third film «First Man» at the opening of the new session of the Venice Festival, which will start on the 29th of this month and continue until the eighth of next month.

It is the seventy-fifth session. The festival of Venice is the grandest of the world festivals, and every festival is big or small. He saw his first encounter with young American director Shazel two years ago when he made his film “La la Land” on his screen at the 73rd session.

La la Lande won the Best Film award at the prestigious Italian festival, but his hero Emma Stone won the Best Actress Award. In the same year, the Oscar-nominated musical, Oscar-nominated, entered the following year (2017) and produced six Oscar operas, Lino Sandgren, Justin Horevitz, the best song written specifically for Benji Bask and Justin Powell, and his first actor Emma Stone Oscar Best Actress.

This is among 12 nominations, including Best Film, Best Screenplay, and best actor Ryan Gozling.

But the win in half of the nominations saw a strange event when, inadvertently, it was announced that La la Lande had won the best Oscar. This seemed logical to him and the producers went up the podium and waited for the coronation. But the mistake was made when he announced that the winning film was “Moonlight” and his director Barry Jenkins and his production team were on the podium. This mistake is the only one of its kind in the history of the Oscars and two different film teams stand on the podium to accept the Best Film Award of an Order that has never been seen before.

Earlier, during the awards season from September to the end of February, the film, which brought the musical art back to the screen with great success, received more than 220 other awards, although most of them are not big annual events, many of them are prizes from monetary associations around the world .

At the same time, its global profits amounted to $ 445 million and $ 636 thousand, which costs only $ 30 million to make.

Chazel’s first film «Free» was a kind of declaration of his birth. Amidst the pages of the monetary blanks, that movie slipped into a future $ 50 million success. The figure is big for the budget of that film, which is only $ 3 million to $ 300,000.

– Romantic glow

Now in his new film, “The First Man,” the director moves on to the big budget in this film, which examines the biography of Neil Armstrong (1930 – 2012), the first spacewalker to walk on the moon.

More than NASA’s March 1966 flight was a prelude to a historic leap forward for the first time, it was a dangerous step toward the unknown. Cinema was distributed evil and savage creatures on every great planet spotted, and the moon in some of those films, was among them. But writing fairy tales of fantasy adventures is something scientific and the advent of adventure is actually something else. This is what Shazel is thinking about in his few interviews about his new film.

“We do not think about you,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. We may remember some of the disasters that have taken place but our prevailing thinking leads us to the victories that have been accomplished. What we see is science and it fails and what we hear is the trompet and it plays, and all this seems (really) a noble and easy ».

What we learn from this is that Chazel wanted to move us into a blending of truth and reality, both of which were not the same, and still are, about space travel that today has less of the glamor of the previous days when space was a field of competition and a race between the two superpowers. What the director wants, therefore, is to stop the romantic glare around those trips and to present a more realistic face. If more realistic, it is more frightening.

Damien Chazelle remains the youngest Oscar-winning filmmaker. At the time, he was 31 years old (born in 1985). He was born of an American father and a French mother. He lived between the two countries, acquiring identity, two tones and two cultures. His motives for becoming a director began at an early age. He still did not know what the output was, but at the age of five he was attached to the cinema when his mother took him with her to watch movies.

He then turned from animation to addiction until he entered Harvard at the age of 18 to graduate from the Faculty of Visual Arts. His passion was so great that during his studies he made a short film in Spanish without a single word.

Despite this passion, Shazel did not find success in advance on his plate. When he moved to live and work in Hollywood, he found himself unable to secure a small apartment because he often spent time looking for work. Often moved between small apartments and was forced to share housing with other people.

In 2008 he decided that miracles would not happen and that he should change his destination instead of writing scenarios for himself that he did not want to implement. He decided to write scenarios for others like those he sells. The first scenario he sold, according to him, and not according to current literature, was the “claim” (The Claim) in 2000, the Western (poorly executed by director Michael Winterbottom) was rewritten and did not show the name of Chazel it. What is certain is that he co-wrote “10 Cloverfield Line”, a horror film that was later created in other parts.

In 2016, Chazel filmed 18 minutes of Whiplash and performed at Sundance. The film drew the attention of Paramount and offered to release “10 Cloverfield Line” (before another young man named Dan Trachtenberg took it out). But Chasel Abby has longed to pursue a long film from his short film. This determination led him to achieve the version we saw at the Sundance Festival in 2014 before it damaged the whole world.

Shazel filmed in 19 days and brought to him non-star actors including c. K. Simmons and Miles Teller and Dar about a drumming student (Drummers) and his teacher who wanted to impose his harsh approach to make sure his pupil’s talent.

The completion of «La la Land» was another battle. Began when Chazel sought to achieve the film and failed to find the required funding. He decided to replace him with his current project “The First Man,” but Ryan Guzling was heard of “La la Land” and his love. That’s what brought the ball back to the court of that musical. With the name of Gozling, Chazel was able to overcome production difficulties and had to achieve that musical film before paying attention to the film space that will be painted on the screen of the Venice Festival days later.

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