DAMASCUS: The use of the "chemist" in Kubani is a false story that terrorists and their media outlets transmit

damascus: the use of the "chemist" in kubani is a false story that terrorists and their media outlets transmit

An official source in the Syrian Foreign Ministry denied Damascus reports of the government's use of a chemical weapon in the western town of Kubani.

"Armed terrorist groups and some of their media, under the guidance of their operators, have been informed of the Syrian Arab Army's use of a chemical weapon in the town of Kubani in rural Latakia," the source told SANA.

He added that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs "confirms the statement of the General Command of the army and the armed forces categorically denied these news in full, and that they are completely naked," especially that Damascus "fully cooperated with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons," which considered Syria free of These weapons.

The official stressed that Syria "has not used these weapons before and can not use them now, because they do not already possess them, and because they consider the use of such poisonous weapons contrary to their moral and international obligations," and stresses that "such empty, exposed, Dissuade them from continuing their fight against terrorism. "

Earlier in the day, SANA quoted a military source as saying that the Army General Command had denied the use of the "chemical" in Kubani, "in toto", asserting its intention to "fight and eradicate terrorism until the last atom of Syria is cleared."

Source: SANA


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