Damage to cleaning the navel with the finger

Damage to cleaning the navel with the finger Damage to cleaning the navel with the finger

A common mistake for many people is to remove the black layer that covers the navel. It is possible to work on congestion and inflammation, so we will ask you through this topic the most important damage to clean the navel finger with the reasons and provide the correct ways to clean them.

Clean the navel with a finger

One of the bad habits followed by some people is the cleaning of the navel by the fingers of the hand and is by attracting impurities and dirt with the finger, but this method has many unpleasant consequences, including:

  • Navel inflammation When cleaning the navel with fingers it occurs with severe infections as a very sensitive area of ​​the body and should never be cleaned in this way.
  • The occurrence of severe redness and also when itchy finger in the umbilical area, it increases the irritation of the skin of this area and also increases the inflammation significantly may reach ulceration.
  • Continuous itching The more itching with the finger in the navel belly accompanied by a constant feeling of itching and scratching in them constantly, which helps swelling.
  • Exit pus secretions with increased inflammation resulting from the cleaning of the navel with the finger and inflammation of the umbilical area We note the discharge of exudate is a pus collected from infections found in the navel.

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Clean the navel of the holder

In pregnancy and the large size of the abdomen may appear bellybutton and out of the abdomen, which increases the shape if it is dirty or not Here ask many pregnant women about the correct ways to clean the bellybutton in the correct ways of these methods:

  • Olive oil This oil is one of the oils that work to moisturize the skin and remove impurities from them permanently and the method of use is that we put a drop of olive oil over the navel and massage very gently with a piece of cotton, it works to moisturize and clean the belly navel of the pregnant.
  • Salt water Although salt water may damage the skin a bit, it is very useful in cleaning the navel belly because it has a large proportion of salts that help to cleanse and purify the skin from microbes.
  • Alcohol and cotton It is also possible for a pregnant woman to clean the navel belly by spraying an appropriate amount of medical alcohol and gently wiping through the cotton, which helps to clean the navel area and remove black impurities from it completely.

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Correct ways to clean the navel

To follow the correct methods to clean the navel belly to get rid of the dirt accumulated and get rid of unpleasant smell, which disturbs a lot of people, and these methods use the following:

  • Cotton sticks moistened with petroleum jelly, which is to use cotton pieces that are in the form of sticks, which are used to clean the ear and dipped in the medical Vaseline and paint the umbilical area well and leave it Vaseline works to moisturize this area and remove all impurities and dirt related without wounding or scratching.
  • When the disinfectant is used with oxygen water, it occurs immediately during their application and then the abdominal navel area is wiped with a piece of cotton that removes all dirt, as the oxygen water works to bleach the navel area from brown.

Common mistakes to clean the navel

There are many mistakes followed by many people that can work on many injuries and diseases in the navel area are as follows:

  • Scratching the finger Many people find no way to clean the navel area only with the finger of the hand, which is by scribbling this area with nails and this is a big mistake because this way helps to inflammation.
  • Scrape it with a rough texture and some also resort to coarse loofah, which is used to wash the body and this is also a big mistake to wash the navel area because this way works on the severity of inflammation.
  • Applying perfume to the navel to get rid of its unpleasant odor may also help increase inflammation, which purifies and extends the navel area completely.

Damages not to clean the navel permanently

When the abdominal navel is not cleaned in the correct ways we mentioned at the beginning of our topic we may face several problems and injuries that may affect completely the navel area, including:

  • When you leave the navel without care and cleanliness it is prone to the accumulation of dirt on them, which increases the permanent feeling of itching in it and this inflammation.
  • The occurrence of skin cracks, which changes the shape and aesthetic appearance of the body These cracks may cause many injuries, including the development of psoriasis of the skin.
  • Dirt build-up can also lead to internal abscess, which requires several patients to undergo abdominal surgery.

Treatment of umbilical infections

When severe infections of the navel occur, whether this inflammation is caused by common and wrong ways to clean the navel or by neglecting and not cleaned properly, we found you treating navel infections with easy things from home:

  • Compresses the hot towel and put it on the navel, which is through the towel and squeezed well and placed hot on the navel for five minutes and that this method is repeated several times until the cure of infections.
  • Olive oil and this oil is known for its many benefits to the skin and helps to moisturize it required it saves us from injury from cracks navel.
  • Tea tree oil and this oil helps a lot to completely wounds and get rid of excess fluids such as pus formed in the navel area and removes all inflammation.

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This was a brief overview of the damages of cleaning the navel with a finger, as we talked about the health methods of cleaning the navel, we hope that you like the subject until we meet again in a new topic with useful information.


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