Dairy bacteria are effective in enhancing immunity

Dairy bacteria are effective in enhancing immunity

Scientists from Germany confirm that fermented products must be included in one's diet, because the bacteria present in them enhance the body's immunity effectively.

PLOS Genetics magazine published an article with the results of a study conducted by Leipzig University scientists that acidic bacteriostatic bacteria are very useful for the body's immune system. They discovered that HCA3 reacts in a special way with its effectiveness.

According to the researchers, this enzyme is a modified version of the protein HCA, which is found in mammalian bodies, responsible for regulating immune function and supporting cell activity.

The interaction with acidic dairy bacteria makes HCA3 a special regulator for immune processes, as it warns the immune system of the presence of bacteria and satisfactory and intensify the activity and resistance. Interestingly, this HCA3 protein exists only in the human body and only the top primates.

"We believe that HCA3 is used to transfer the beneficial properties and anti-inflammatory agents of the acidic dairy bacteria found in our bodies," said Claudia Staubert, the lead researcher. "Therefore, dairy products must be included in the diet."

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