Creating a drug that blocks the urge to eat!

creating a drug that blocks the urge to eat!

Canadian scientists have developed an innovative treatment that contains a brain protein, which helps people (naturally) maintain a healthy weight, aimed at killing the desire to eat junk food.

When injected into mice, 5 percent of the body's fat was lost in just five days, in the hope that ACBP would have a similar effect in humans.

The developed material feeds star cells, which transport differences in fatty acids and fat in the blood, into neurons in an important information processing process.

Because of this, the brain can control food consumption and energy expenditure, in order to maintain thinness.

The treatment targets the hypothalamus, the brain's hunger circle, the key to appetite control.

"The NutriNeuro laboratory has revealed nerve-reducing neurons (POMCs) that are closely related to astrocytes, which produce ACBP proteins in a certain area," said Professor Terry Alcoer of the University of Montreal. Of the brain, are necessary to control nutrition and metabolism, and contain two types of neurons with conflicting functions.

"Genetic mutations account for between 5 and 10 percent of cases of obesity, including a large proportion of the pathological pathway known as the melanocortin pathway, and in transgenic mice (to be obese), we observed that daily injections with" ACBP " , Reduced eating and weight loss by up to 5% over 5 days. "

The discovery of the neurological causes of obesity has shown that it can fight one of the world's biggest health problems.

The study, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigations, entered the basic research stage with the implementation of laboratory experiments on mice.

Source: The Sun

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