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Create an activated Mexican Paypal account without a visa to send and receive money easily

Peace be upon you, everyone now has a passion for the Internet and work on the Internet online and profit from it is also available all areas and ways to profit from the Internet, but face everyone, especially beginners in the work on the Internet problem is a way to receive and send money. Today we have a solution to this problem is the establishment of an activated Mexican Paypal account.
Because most sites deal with payment with the famous Paypal bank.
So as not to linger on you go to the explanation directly.

1. First we go to Paypal, which will leave the link below the blog and then the page will appear in this way

We click on Abrir Cuenta personal or Open personal Account after which we will see this page

Which we will fill in the data as shown in the picture above and after completion we click Next

We then complete the following data as shown in the image so that you do not encounter any problem and then agree to the terms of the site and we click on Agree and Create Account
We will see the visa entry page

We place the following BIN code under the generating code 559606xxxxxxxxxx then we click Generate. And we copy someone and paste it in the place assigned to it in Paypal
Then we confirm the email we entered

So we got a fully operational account.
Mexican Link: PayPal
Site Link Generation: CCGEN
By: Ahmed Al-Karaby

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